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When Do I Need Tree Removal

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  • 16-11-2022
When Do I Need Tree Removal

Have you recently needed to remove a tree? We answer the question: when do I need tree removal? Find out if tree removal is right for you.

How Do You Decide When to Safely Remove a Tree?

You can look for many telltale signs when assessing whether or not your tree's time has come to be removed. Regular pruning is essential for tree care or to save an unhealthy tree.

However, you cannot escape diseases or infections, so you must know what to look for.

When You Need to Call an Arborist 

Tree owners and homeowners are typically responsible for any injury or severe damage your tree experiences. It's helpful to know the signs of damage and infection so that local arborists can adequately remove it. 

Learning to study your surrounding location, large branches, root systems and main trunk to assess its health or to see whether you possess dead trees will be vital in the long run.

Here are the red flags you need to look for to ensure it's time for your infected or dying trees to be pruned or removed by a professional.

 There Are Signs Of Infection.

Signs of infection include cracks or splits in the tree bark, discoloured or misshapen leaves, crown dieback, growth of fungi and soft, crumbling wood, damaging your tree's health. 

Attracting unwanted pests of an invasive species and other wildlife, woodpeckers or emergence holes, or feeding galleries are other factors of infection that you should pay immediate attention to.

Infection can eventually affect the overall structure of the tree. 

When Do I Need Tree Removal

 Dead Branches In The Tree's Crown.

Dead branches are sometimes known as 'widow-makers,' as they can fall anytime for no reason, injure any person, or damage any other structures existing below. It is sad to see it go; however, if approximately 50% or more of your tree is damaged, dead or dying, it must be removed for health and safety purposes, especially in public natural areas. 

 Your Tree Isn't Growing Well.

Compare your tree's health and vigour with nearby trees or plants. Suppose you uncover discoloured foliage, stunted growth in living buds or thin leaf cover. In that case, these are all ways to tell if your tree is undergoing issues that certified arborists and professionals must diagnose at a tree removal service.

 Tree Trunk Is Compromised.

Finding splits, cracks, dead branch stubs or large tree wounds are massive signs of internal tree decay.

Numerous don't realise that, whilst internal decay is a worrisome aspect of tree health, hazardous trees can live for many years with that decay; however, it is only a matter of time before they fall.

Even trees growing with leaders (multiple trunks) will suffer from structural issues as time passes, so we highly recommend getting your tree species inspected by a professional.

Tree Trunk Is Compromised - Do I Need Tree Removal

 Evidence Of Root Defects.

Root defects aren't as easily noticeable as they are underneath the soil where the tree starts; however, if you begin to detect fungi growing around the tree's base or heaving soil around the ground, it is a significantly bad sign of shallow root damage.

 The Tree Is Hollow.

Suppose you notice your tree has hollow trunks; this often means that your tree has been severely compromised. It is typically rotted or, due to its lack of structure, it can be hazardous to allow to stay standing; professionals must remove it as soon as possible. 

 The Tree Begins Leaning to One Side.

Leaning trees aren't always a significant danger; however, large or small trees that do lean may have structural problems and could grow to be dangerous, perhaps in harsh weather like storms or if they are close to buildings or homes that could damage property. 

The Tree Begins Leaning to One Side - Do I Need Tree Removal

 Sprouts At The Base Of The Tree.

Sproutings of new growth at the bottom of your tree are known as epicormic shoots. These are immediate indications that your tree needs to be evaluated by an arborist, as it usually means your tree is stressed and requires pruning or removal. 

 The Tree Is Under Power Lines.

It is incredibly hazardous for a tree to grow into the view of a power line, as they can cause electrical issues and natural destruction, especially during a lightning strike. You must immediately contact a professional tree service or certified arborist to remove it from your landscape or backyard. 

 The Tree Is Too Close To A House Or Other Structure.

A tree hanging over your or your neighbour's roof or close to any building structure to the point where it affects the material or creates loud noises during harsh weather is a surefire sign that your tree needs to be removed or regularly pruned.

Large trees with plenty of growth should be approximately 20ft away from a property building or household otherwise, they are a safety hazard.

The Tree Is Too Close To A House Or Other Structure - Do I Need Tree Removal

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