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If the tree you want to be removed is of a considerable size, our tree surgeons may first have to climb the tree to remove large branches before felling the trunk. Both of these procedures carry a great risk of personal injury or property damage.

Therefore it is always necessary when having a tree removed that you hire a professional tree surgery company to carry out the tree services. Dedicated tree surgeons are highly trained specialists who understand the dangers of their work and know what measures to take to limit these dangers.

Do I Need to Remove a Tree Stump?

Once you have had a tree removed or felled, you may be left with the tree stump sticking out of the ground. There are several reasons why you may want to arrange a stump removal service.

The most obvious reason is that it can become a tripping hazard leaving the stump sticking out of the ground. However, another reason that may not occur to many people is that as tree stumps decay, they develop fungal growths.

These growths can attract unwanted pests that may eventually begin to damage your property. Tree stumps can either be dug up or ground down into mulch. 

You can then use this mulch to fill in the hole that the stump was formally in. The roots of the tree that remain underground will gradually decay without the tree to keep them alive.

Tree Removal Dundee, Forfar, Angus, Aberdeenshire

If you would like to arrange any tree or stump removal services, please contact our team today and call us. Our team is on hand to offer their expert advice and provide you with a free quote for any tree care work you would like to carry out.

When should you remove a tree?

There are many reasons why someone may have to remove a tree from their garden or property:

 Signs of Infection

This can include splits in the bark, crown dieback, discoloured or misshapen leaves, a softwood that easily crumbles or the presence of fungi.

  Dead branches in the crown

These are known as "widow-makers" as they can fall at any time, making them a severe health risk. It would be best if you had any tree with a large amount of dead material removed.

  The tree isn't growing well

Compared to other trees, if one of yours is stunted, discoloured or has thin foliage cover, it may be worth having it removed.

 Evidence of root defects

Heaving soil and fungi growing close to the trunk's base are signs that there may be something wrong with the tree's roots.

  Compromised trunk

Large cracks, splits, and wounds are signs that there may be internal decay within the trunk. While trees can remain standing for years while suffering from internal rot, it is only a matter of time before they come down.

  Hollow trunk

If at least a third of the tree has rotted away and is hollow inside, you should have it removed.

 The tree is leaning suddenly

Many trees can lean and still be safe. However, if your tree is suddenly leaning over to the side, it may be due to structural issues.

 Sprouts at the tree base

These are epicormic shoots and indicate that the tree is under severe stress. It would be best if you had a professional tree surgeon assess these kinds of trees.

 Power lines above the tree

Any tree growing into power lines is dangerous and should be removed by a fully qualified arborist or tree surgeon.

 The tree is too close to a structure or building

Heavy branches hanging over roofs may need to be removed. Regular tree care and pruning are other options, but large trees should generally stand 20 feet away from any building.

Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property UK?

There are three types of tree that it is an offence to cut down if you do not have the correct permission:

Trees under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
Trees in a Conservation Area
Trees over five cubic metres in volume

If you choose to cut these types of trees down without the correct permission, you can face fines of up to £20,000, be prosecuted for felling without a license, and you will be served a notice to replace any of the protected trees you have destroyed.

Do I need permission to cut down a tree on my property UK - Dundee, Forfar, Angus, Aberdeenshire

Should I remove a tree close to House?

Trees that are too close to your house can pose a threat to your foundations or roof, and you should have a fully qualified arborist make an assessment.

What time of year is best to cut down trees?

While it is technically possible to remove a tree at any time of the year, it is generally best to undertake this work during the winter. Colder weather, snow and strong winds can all increase the risks inherent with rotting or hazardous trees, and removing them in winter is the best way to mitigate these risks.

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