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Osprey Nest Platforms

We can offer either man-made osprey nest platforms - fitted after topping the chosen tree - or alternatively, natural nest platforms, quite often utilising a tree with a blown-out top and thus forming a natural area of vigorous growth and heavy flat top ideal for this purpose.

Otherwise, we work by topping the chosen tree and, using the branches retrieved, lashing and securing to form the nest platform. Based in Angus Glens, we undertake such work for both commercial and domestic clients across Scotland.

We Offer

  • Annual maintenance programme
  • Osprey nest platform creation and maintenance
  • Tree topping
  • Tree felling

Handling broken and damaged trees

Following a storm in your area, there is a high chance of having to deal with broken and damaged trees close to your property. Should you be faced with such a situation, it is always advisable to call a professional tree surgeon to handle it for you. Contact us today.

Based in Kirriemuir, we undertake work for both commercial and domestic clients across Angus.
Call Glen Isla Tree Climbers on 01575 574 157 or 07831 626 023 to find out more.

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